Clams & Folding Packs


Portion Pack produces and distributes a terrific range of made to order fibre-board Clamshell Boxes and Folding Packs. Our Australian made clams and takeaway boxes are ideal for quick-service with quality. We have Burger Clams available in standard lined cardboard or fluted board for improved thermal qualities.

For enhanced meal presentation and customer experience we offer made to order Burger Open Slider Trays made from PE or greaseproof lined Kraft board. These trays are ideal to support your burgers for meals on the go. With custom printing available on all our clamshell packaging, we can help create a unified brand presence across your menu.

Portion Pack also makes to order a wide range of quality takeaway boxes such as Burger Boxes, Noodle Boxes and Schnitzel Boxes. Our expert team will work closely with you to design and develop the exact takeaway box solution to suit your needs. We can provide bespoke package design or create a custom print on an existing box format to produce the perfect packaging to help your business grow.

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