Manufacturing Facilities

Portion Pack’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Melbourne and produces the highest quality folded fibre-board products. Our commitment to quality ensures that every product we produce is made with Australian craftsmanship and is designed to perform with durability.

As a local manufacturer Portion Pack has direct control over the production process, providing the flexibility businesses need in the fast-paced foodservice industry. Local production also provides our customers with the ability to develop unique, custom-made products and custom printing finishes in small or large volumes. With the capacity to ramp-up production on demand, Portion Pack is a scalable packaging partner with certainty of supply.

Our Australian manufacturing facilities are IS022000 HACCP certified, with all products produced in a food packaging grade environment, with the highest quality food safety standards.

We regularly invest in emerging technologies to ensure Portion Pack provides innovative, customer focussed solutions for your packaging needs.

End-to-End Process Management

Portion Pack delivers an end-to-end packaging solutions, capable of managing all stages of the design, manufacturing, print and distribution process. Our customer service representatives work closely with each client to choose or develop the best products to suit your individual needs.

Once the packaging is finalised we oversee the artwork development. Then it’s into production, with printing of the design on the flat pack and conversion of the package into a folded, sealed and finished product, ready for delivery.

But our work doesn’t stop there – At Portion Pack we remain an available and committed business partner who is there to assist with any future changes to design or artwork requirements.

Responsive Service & Change Management

Changing or updating your packaging or artwork is a breeze with Portion Pack. Our highly trained designers are able to rapidly implement changes to carton requirements and artwork. With an Australia wide presence, Portion Pack is able to provide technical support across the country to ensure your requirements are quickly met.

To improve client experience we have also developed a digital pre-press process that allows 100% online workflow.

Portion Pack’s national presence and depth of resources allows us to rapidly respond to your requirements and seamlessly manage change. With responsive, personalised service, you will receive fast and efficient packaging solutions to suit your individual needs.